Lieu Journal is pleased to share with you issue four: time travel. This issue aims to connect multiple strands of being, each one activated by our eight contributors and their respective whakapapa. Together they warp, weft and mark our presence.
Time—how is it defined, discussed and deployed? Who makes pronouncements on its im/possibility, and what languages do they use? We chose this theme for its potential to invoke speculative imaginings, works of resilience and generosity, and critical resistance to the colonial and neoliberal investment in the turbo-charged, linear arrow of time.
Amy Stuart, Holly Willson, and Huni Mancini wanna warmly thank each contributor for their generous and generative mahi; Arielle Walker & Emily Parr, Chi Tran, Ender Baskan, Hana Pera Aoake, James Tapsell-Kururangi, Mashara Wachjudy and Sophie Yana Wilson.