Untitled (bootstraps)

Madee Mills

remedy for Irony where it's Earnest

[Alternate Text: Lyrics exist as follows in concentric layers but in no particular order. Repeating, tripping & spilling over one another]

[key chimes]
[tap dripping slow rhythm]

I’m idle

I’m battering my body flat on the anvil
I'm battering forks flat on the anvil
I’m idle
destructor, destructor

you're hectic
I'd love to see you around

only in if for the meaning of
In Some Break

are you being straight w me? be straight up
w me

[Whisper:] same
not like before

they say You with the bootstraps
eat it, eat them
cus then i won’t be able to say we can pull ourselves up out of it

now, vibe check

I'm sorry but i ate my bootstraps so i can't pull myself up out of it
I'm the only one who can pull myself up on out of it

i can’t not see you but i don’t
even have the time
to see yu thru the feelings that
exist in your dulled mind
and i always know how you’re feeling
what your thinking too

but it really gets confusing
and days blur into few

there is departure
from consistency

my mis-appropriated breath

[breath, breath]

not to say, but meaning another way that, i like and want to vandalise things.

my polyglot body is the closest i have come
to a plural sense of learning, or a plural sense of fun,
it’s not via any cultural route but as something we have strung, out

intentionally and inwardly built
while on the run

we’re just having fun
while on the run
with our notice on death
idle as a truth-bearing document
which is to say none
nooo, there’s no such thing
all your artefacts of spring
are done


Madee Mills is an artist living and working on the unceded lands and water ways of the Boonwurrung and Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation. Madee believes in being moved beyond reason; and in feeling a word brush against your hip.