Breath Work:
Abbra Kotlarczyk
Gently inhale & exhale
Right lung, left lung, blink [1]
Hold on to your seat real tight, hold your breath, keep your eyes in your head, and go on [2]
Meditate on the colour that is flesh void of oxygen, also the
discoloured fruit / fingered out of misted windows / into which I breathed [3]
     for years i stood / in the semeny ginko staring at my hands         believing / in afterlives thinking one day I’d wake into / a new kind of body     like a fish suddenly / breathing air through its eyes [4
When ready, place your right pointer finger in the centre of your forehead, your thumb over your right nostril, your middle finger searching for its erogenous zone. 
o separate(d)/strands of our breath!/Bright silver/threads of spirit/O quicksilver/spurt of fist, scansion of/unfocused eyeball [5]
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