Lieu Journal acknowledges that the violence of white supremacy, whether overt or insidious, has been actively practised for centuries, and continues to be today - and we stand in solidarity with Bla(c)k, POC and First Nations people in the struggle against systemic oppression.

Lieu Journal denounces the platforming of alt-right, white supremacist and colonial ideologies including those exhibited in 'People of Colour' by Mercy Pictures. We commit to ongoing acts of unsettling, and to always honouring the knowledge and practices of First Nations peoples.

Lieu Journal stands in solidarity with the LGTBQIA+ community and, at this time, re-affirm our dedication to ensuring safe, inclusive discourse and spaces with queer communities.

If we can inhale/exhale with perfect / regularity, [18]
if breath / is a leash to hold the mind [19]
proceed to attune to all the ways in which your body—
A body can cause almost anything / to happen. [20]

Peace is a Bunch of Shit 
There is nothing wrong with mindfulness and stillness as a tool for awareness. But, the opposite of war isn’t peace - the opposite of war is a party. A party is disruptive, experimental and leads to new ideas.

Life without tax

Life without evaluation 

Life without action and exploitation

A real living here carries the baggage of meaning and legacy

I guess that’s why people move here

In peace there is no need for action or settlement

There is no movement


through soft
green leaves
quiver tickling
feet reminding
of loud culture
oily flesh giving
greeted via
blood blessing
It seems that a great obstacle between us and peace is that we have no vocabulary, moral or visual imagination that is adequate for considering what it could look like.
Peace is uncertain to us. Peace is frequently understood as an inconceivable or abstract idea, whereas war is not only accepted as real but inevitable. 
I argue for the impossibility of peace while there is an enforcement of dispossession and the disenfranchisement as well as lack of freedom for First Nations people, refugees and minorities. For many, there is no justice, so what can be made of peace and its fraught relationship to it?


if you wrote a love letter to the land it would be unrequited correspondence:
presume the depths of a puddle
Abbra Kotlarczyk
Carmen-Sibha Keiso
Isabella Hone-Saunders
Indiah Money
Naawie Tutugoro
lieu 3


Abbra Kotlarczyk
Carmen-Sibha Keiso
Indiah Money
Isabella Hone-Saunders
Naawie Tutugoro
Sarah Scott