Peace Location
Naawie Tutugoro
papa said to wrap a slice of lemon over the splinter in my sole: the astringencies of conflict rely upon the displacement of everything else 
a drupe or stone fruit reincarnates syrupy fleshes of violence: the curve forms a stony enclosure 
 if you wrote a love letter to the land it would be unrequited correspondence: 
presume the depths of a puddle 
we found peace in a cave forged out of undulating masses: slowly trusting stalactites and avoiding the lit openings 
this drupaceous sanctuary beholds our performance of still practice: where the splinter was, peace moves
Naawie Tutugoro is a multidisciplinary maker based on Waiheke island, Aotearoa. Naawie looks at sequences of mapping on a personal, spiritual and site-specific scale. Through modes of foraging and survival, mediums are made of the suburban landscape. Whether realised as sculptural drawings or written form, they are grounded by her intuition with references to methods of decolonising, indigenising and home-making. Works are characteristically hybrid and minimal with presence of spatial awareness.
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