A recipe for remembering
Mashara Wachjudy
Take the days that tasted of salt
Fold them gently through
the year that tasted mostly of
fifteen different jars of honey and
several glasses of wine.
Let this rest for a while until
There is no distinct beginning or end to 
the salt of sorrow
the sweetness of love.
When ready,
Slowly stir through
the months that taste of cardamom.

Repeat recipe as often as required
Add salt and mango
as you desire.
Remembering is the tasting of time.
Mashara Wachjudy is an Australian-Javanese artist who works predominantly within photography, sculpture, food, text and installation. Observing physical and emotional relationships with landscape, people and place through documentary modes where unconventional archives emerge; Her practice is informed by considerations of memory, architecture, mythology, tradition and cross-cultural experience.
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