A happy thought of my life
Chi Tran
In physics, the relativity of simultaneity implies that distant simultaneity —
that is, two spatially separate events occurring at the exact same time — is dependent on one’s positioning.
How and when something happens is contingent on where we see it from.
Take, for example, the event of light on the sun, and the event of light on Earth.
The way the Earth receives light from the sun is dependent on the tilt of its axis. This changes over time,
by a cycle of 41,000 years.
It is difficult to imagine time on a geologic scale because it is difficult to imagine the self within it.
Time falls into place differently for each of us.
Sometimes, an event can happen between two or more people, where energy condenses and becomesa kind of matter.
This kind of simultaneity is a very quick process.
An emotion can grow out of this and, if strong enough, can become a symbol we carry with us. 
The expression of a relationship cannot always be expressed in this dimension.
A feeling is an event, which is to say, it is information.
‘Love you for 10,000 years’ is a password and not necessarily true.


Chi Tran is a writer, artist and editor, interested in working with language as a means of understanding feeling as a socio-political event.
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